December 3, 2009

Our Christmas stories

Christmas is a time for celebrating. When we sleep at night Santa will put the present in our home. He knows we are awake. We can see the present if we are awake. He puts the present under the christmas tree. Everyone loves Christmas. Santa comes down the chimney with the presents when it is night time. He gives us present when it is dark. Our class Christmas tree has sparkling balls and a star on top. It has rainbow lights. It is called a fibre optic tree because it has lights. There is a pot at the bottom of the pot. LW
Christmas is on 25 December. It is fun. We have school holidays. I like Christmas Eve. It is great. We get presents. Our class Christmas tree is great. It is not a bit cool because it has silver toys. KN
Christmas is a time to decorating our homes. At Christmas we can get presents. They are cool too. I can have snow fights. We can have some special foods. We go to people’s house and sing Christmas songs. They are called carols. We can play Christmas games. HP
Christmas is for opening presents. We like opening the presents at Christmas time. I like it too. I ride to Grandma’s house for dinner. I eat kiwi fruit. Our class Christmas tree has beautiful lights. It has a star on top of it. It has a drum too. CB
Last Christmas my dad bought me a robot. The robot can change to a car. It has a gun and a shield. The robot also has a sword. Santa comes to our house with his reindeer. Our class Christmas tree has a golden boot and some other colour boots. It has a silver star and beautiful lights. The lights can change colours. CN
At Christmas Santa gives us presents. He comes from the chimney and puts the presents around the Christmas tree. We leave the cookies and milk. We make snowman and I play snow fights. Our class Christmas tree is special because it has a star on the tree and rainbow lights. MN
Christmas is fun because we open presents. We put up the Christmas tree. Our class Christmas tree has decorations on it. It has a star on top. RR
Christmas is fun because Santa gives presents. My Christmas tree is very beautiful. There are balls and candy sticks. The top has a star. In the house I play with my brother. I go out and make snowman. I play snow fights and go sledging. I eat special food and decorate my house. People decorate their houses. Christmas is on the 25 of December. Our class Christmas tree is beautiful because there are lights. It has little baby drums and the top has a star. The lights are cool because they change colour. It has a switch to turn off the lights. ML
Christmas is fun because we get lots of presents. We get to sleep over. It is fun. We get to open our presents. My family will have dinner at oma and opa’s. We get to get our friends over. At oma’s we open our presents. I want a pony and some pets. Oma has a fairy on her Christmas tree. She has lots of decorations. We will have dinner together.
Our class Christmas tree has a special decorations. It has pretty lights. We have a star on the top of the Christmas tree. The colour of the lights are pink and red. TG
Santa gives me presents at Christmas. I decorate the tree. Our class Christmas tree has rainbow lights. It has a big star on the top. VS
Christmas is a time for having fun and playing in the snow. I like snow. We get to make snowballs. Santa comes down the chimney. Santa gives us presents. We get them at the back of our beds. Our class Christmas tree is a fibre optic tree. It has lots of decorations. Our tree has lights on it and sparkly boots, a big sparkly ball, a silver train and an angel. There are drums and a silver bell. ED

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