July 30, 2009

The Train Ride

Making it our own...
After reading the book we wrote our stories and recorded our voices in Garageband.

A Visit to the Life Education Caravan

Here is what we learned with Harold in the Life Education Caravan. There are some written comments, some audio and some pictures too. Hope you find it useful. We learned a lot of new facts about our brain and body. The audio stories were written in 2 Writing sessions.

July 23, 2009

Healthy/Unhealthy Food

This is what we knew at the start of the lesson on making good food choices. We will be visiting the Life Education Bus (that visits our school) to listen to Harold the Giraffe share his thoughts on healthy eating. More on that later.
Photos taken by MA

Our 1st Podcast

We read the book, The Terrible Tiger by Joy Cowley. It made for a great read because it had repetitive words and created a rhythm. We made a podcast of the story. Listen for the sound of animals!!! Were the children in the story really brave??