November 5, 2009


Yesterday we made gingerbread man with ginger, flour, sugar, egg, butter. We put lollies and smiles on. Then we put it in the oven. Our smiles melted because they were jelly snakes. When we ate them they were yummy. I loved the chocolate M and M the best.

November 4, 2009

The Wonky Donkey

We had a visit from Craig Smith who is a very clever story writer of children's books. He makes a tune to his stories too. We felt really special that he visited our school to share his books with us. The Wonky Donkey is a must read book and comes with a CD too. The author has a beautiful voice. Here are some of our stories.

At the Wonky Donkey show we were listening to the music. RR
The man sang a song for us. It was funny. LW
I saw Craig singing songs. It was funny. NG
At the Wonky Donkey show the man did funny songs and the last song was really funny. TG
I saw Craig and he sang some songs for us. The songs were funny. I liked the raindrop sounds. ED
At the show Craig sang songs. It was funny. We did noises. It was fun. I liked the bird song. HP
Craig sang a song about the Wonky Donkey. I thought it was funny. Craig was cool. I kept wondering how he did the water sounds. JP