November 4, 2009

The Wonky Donkey

We had a visit from Craig Smith who is a very clever story writer of children's books. He makes a tune to his stories too. We felt really special that he visited our school to share his books with us. The Wonky Donkey is a must read book and comes with a CD too. The author has a beautiful voice. Here are some of our stories.

At the Wonky Donkey show we were listening to the music. RR
The man sang a song for us. It was funny. LW
I saw Craig singing songs. It was funny. NG
At the Wonky Donkey show the man did funny songs and the last song was really funny. TG
I saw Craig and he sang some songs for us. The songs were funny. I liked the raindrop sounds. ED
At the show Craig sang songs. It was funny. We did noises. It was fun. I liked the bird song. HP
Craig sang a song about the Wonky Donkey. I thought it was funny. Craig was cool. I kept wondering how he did the water sounds. JP

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  1. Thanks for your comments guys. I enjoyed it too. Funny your Blog has bumble bees all over it !!. WILLBEE THE BUMBLEBEE is the title of my next book !. Take care., Craig