September 23, 2009

Dog on the blog!


  1. Wow Room 3 - these pictures are absolutely amazing! You guys are SOOOO clever. Do you think you could some of the kids in the other classes how to do it too?

  2. Wow your work is amazing. Mrs Allen

  3. Your pictures look really cool.
    Some of you kids are really thoughtful.
    (Giving your dog a bone)

  4. Hi Students!

    We have just started back to school and heard about the message you left for us over the summer. So we thought we would come and find your blog to see what you were learning about!

    We had so much fun looking at your dog stories. We liked how you added your photos into the pictures.You have lots of ideas about how to keep a dog happy and how to stay safe around animals.

    It was really hard for our teacher to write a message from school so she took our message home to send it to you over the weekend!

    Keep up the great work!
    Your grade one friends from Winnipeg

  5. Hello Mrs. Devlin,
    It was nice hearing from your little guys. We have just finished Term 3 and are on a 2 week break. My class will be excited to read your comment. Hopefully we can visit your blog together again.