August 24, 2009

Baby Rabbit

On Friday, CB brought a baby rabbit for Show-and-Tell. Her dad found it at his work. The rabbit's eyes were still closed. CB's mum looked after the baby rabbit and she looked really well. They fed her milk with a little syringe. We had to use our little voices when she was around, not to scare her. We all thought she was cute! Thanks Mrs. B


  1. Wow so great to see our wee bunny on the computer CB got very excited! It was great being able to bring her in today as well and let both room 3 and room 2 to have a pat and a cuddle, Fufu loved her visit, and no doubt will be back for more!
    Thanks Mrs B :-)

  2. I have never seen such a young rabbit! I wish I could have come and see it too. Does the rabbit have a name yet?

  3. That is a very cute rabbit. I wish I had one. I hope you all liked it. I’m surprised you found it in such a weird place. I hope you take good care of it and feed it lots.