July 23, 2009

Our 1st Podcast

We read the book, The Terrible Tiger by Joy Cowley. It made for a great read because it had repetitive words and created a rhythm. We made a podcast of the story. Listen for the sound of animals!!! Were the children in the story really brave??


  1. Oh wow! I can tell by your clear and brave voices that you were not scared! Fantastic work Room 3!

    Miss Signal :)

  2. Wow Room 3! I loved listening to your podcast. What big, clear, confident voices you used to tell your story. Your tiger pictures are stunning too. A great first blog post.
    From Mrs McGhie & Room 6.

  3. From Arkansas...welcome to blogging!

    It's such a great tool to be used in education.

    Good luck!

  4. Thankyou Miss signal, Mrs M and Room 6 and Mrs. Gillmore for liking our blog and leaving your comments. Room 3

  5. Wow Room 3. You are all very clever. You have been learning so many things.
    Mrs Rist

  6. Wow Room 3, You sounded awsome !! I'm sure that you managed to scare the terrible tiger. Waiting to hear some more stuff from the Brainy Bunch of Elm Park.